BaZoing! allows the independent wireless dealer to generate leads and sales online. The service, created in conjunction with Skyhound Internet in Long Beach, California, is so easy to use most dealers are up and running in 15 minutes or less.

Skyhound Internet has been providing customers with creative and innovative website design, custom web application programming, online database development, and e-commerce solutions since 1998.

Much of our staff comes with a wireless background. In 2004 we launched the Skyhound Wireless division, a retail store offering Verizon Wireless, T-Mobile and Metro PCS in two Southern California shopping malls. Despite the fact that the company also had their own designers and programmers from the Internet division at their disposal, management found it nearly impossible to find the time to manage the wireless store's website. Phones and plans were constantly changing.

In 2008 we sold Skyhound Wireless and launched BaZoing! to serve the independent wireless retailer. Together our team of designers, programmers, and helpful staff are ready to make your wireless business a success.

The name BaZoing! is a play on that sound made by those old jack-in-the-box toys. And it fits our concept, because after a few clicks, your site pops up completely ready to go.


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